Welcome to EAA 105

Welcome to EAA Chapter 105 and to our new website!

The chapter, incorporated in 1961, is located in the Portland, Oregon, area, headquartered at Twin Oaks Airpark.   We have over 200 members, and can with pride say that we are one of the most active and passionate EAA chapters in the country. Our history is rich with aviation innovators and doers, and we continue with that tradition today. 

We invite you to come check us out, join our organization, visit us for our monthly pancake breakfast, participate in the adventure and sheer joy of aviation!

Heads Up!


B-17 Aluminum Overcast Coming Soon!

It is that time again to pull together some volunteers to help with EAA’s B-17 tour stop at the Hillsboro Airport. The tour dates are Friday May 18th thru Sunday May 20th. Work crew shifts are needed AM 8:00 to 1:00 and PM 12:00 to 5:00 all three days. Volunteer for as many shifts as you would like.

  • AM shift duties include tent, table and sign set-up, greeters, flight sales, souvenir sales, crowd control, and plane's ground crew and prop spinners.
  • PM shift duties include greeters, flight sales, souvenir sales, plane tour guides, crowd control, tent, table and sign take down.
  • Shifts could run over if we are busy.
  • ALL club member volunteers will have their name in the drawing for the B-17 flight to Seattle Monday morning. ONE ENTRY PER SHIFT WORKED. Let me know if you would rather not win this fabulous prize. (Think sick day!)
  • The B-17's ramp position will be in front of Premier Jets, south end of Hillsboro Airport, just off NE Cornell Rd, near the museum.
  • Bruce Eicher, B-17 Volunteer Coordinator contact info: mailto:bruce@wilsonvillediamond.com work 503-682-1100 cell 503-577-8492

Pearson Air Museum Video

  • Laureano Mier, Pearson Air Museum Manager and Education Programs Coordinator, sent over a link to a video on their web page. There are some familiar faces in the video, so have fun watching and pay attention!  The video can be found HERE

Bogardus Memorial Trust - Scholarship Announcements

  • This is one reason why we volunteer to dish out the grits!  Read this article from EAA and smile, knowing that your membership pays off. 

    January 24, 2012 – Through the George and Lillian Bogardus Memorial Trust, EAA Chapter 105 (Portland, Oregon) recently awarded flight training scholarships to two Hillsboro Aviation students – Kyle Boaz and Clayton Davis.

    For the past two years, the Bogardus Board of Trustees has collaborated with EAA Chapter 105 to have a flight training scholarship program funded by donations from the Bogardus Memorial Trust. Last year, they funded four scholarships, and this year it was expanded to provide six scholarship recipients with $1,000 each.

    George Bogardus, who passed away in 1997, left his estate in trust to EAA Chapter 105. One of his desires was that the chapter would support youth education in the world of aviation. Through these scholarships, EAA Chapter 105 has been able to continue George's legacy and enable local students to pursue their dreams of flying.

    These scholarships have assisted both Boaz and Davis in financing their flight training and helping them achieve their dreams of becoming professional pilots. Both started their flight training at Hillsboro Aviation in the fall of 2011.

    "So far I have loved my flight training; it is an awesome challenge," Boaz said. "There are a different set of obstacles that I must overcome on every flight. This challenge is the reason that I love flying. The scholarship allowed me to focus on my training. Without the scholarship I would not be where I am in my training."

    "Flying has always been a passion of mine," Davis said. "Thanks to this scholarship, I am only one flight away from becoming a private pilot. I plan to continue my training to become a commercial pilot."

    "Both Kyle and Clayton sought out our program and have been involving themselves in everything that the aviation community can offer them," said Michelle Smith, youth activities coordinator for EAA Chapter 105. "I could tell from the moment that I met each of them that they had a serious passion for flight. I look forward to hearing the news of their advancing aviation careers."

    Headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon, Hillsboro Aviation's diverse operations include airplane and helicopter flight training, airplane and helicopter charter, aircraft sales, maintenance, and avionics services.

Time for a Change - New Web Masters!

  • It's time for a change, folks.  I am honored to have been your web person for the past several years, but it's time for new blood, if you will.  I must admit, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the site, especially the design work.  I've also had a great amount of fun writing material for the chapter.  I tried to keep things informative and somewhat light hearted.  Hopefully I brought a couple smiles along the way. 

    The one thing, however, that I have enjoyed more than anything else has been the great camaraderie that came by being a member of the chapter Board. If you haven't yet gotten involved other than a few breakfasts and fly-outs, I highly recommend you do so.  You don't have to be a member of the Board, just volunteer!  Drop Bruce or Tom an e-mail or give either a call.  You won't regret it. 

    What next?  Well, there are plans to change the site during this next year, but I'll let the new crew tell you all about that. Needless to say, with their knowledge and talent, the EAA 105 community will have an even more functional and informative web site moving forward.

    A big welcome to Herb Brasington and Jeff Bagley, your new web masters!  . 

Fly-Ins and Outs

  • This year I've promised myself that I will do as many fly-ins and outs as possible, for my own sake, for my honey's sake, for my plane's sake, but especially to support as many organizations who work their little tails off to present these wonderful events. Besides, at the rate I'm going, my engine won't hit TBO until I'm well over the century mark.   

    We hope that you, too, will find the time to get out and experience what these wonderful destinations have to offer. We've posted three thus far, one of which, the Western Flight Tour, is only in its second year and may prove to be an attractive way to get out and see what Oregon destinations have to offer.  We will be updating the list as the announcements come in. The first three are:

    • Florence Airport's Wings n Wheels - June 30
    • Lake Coeur d'Alene's Heritage Wings - August 17-18
    • LebanAir's Western Flight Tour - All Year

Of course we will list the yearly big and not-so-big bashes, such as AirVenture, Sun-n-Fun, Arlington, Copper State, among others, but these are well publicized.  Instead, we will concentrate on the little ones that often go by with nary a word, or they are so local that hardly anyone knows they exist! 

What to do!  Check back here often for updates to both our own Fly-Outs and those for other organizations, or, visit our Face Book page which will have links for you there.  Whatever you do, definitely plan on flying more this year. 

New Board is Announced

  • Bruce Rose, the new President of EAA 105, would like to introduce the Board! 

    • President - Bruce Rose
    • Vice Prez - Tom Louris
    • Secretary - Benton Holzwarth
    • Treasurer - Jenny Hickman

    Board Members:
    • James Bagley (new)
    • Rion Bourgeois
    • Bob Duncan
    • Frank Friedman (new)
    • Len Kaufmann
    • Joe Marin (new)
    • Joe Miller
    • Ron Poe
    • Roy Thoma
    • Dick VanGrunsven
    • Jerry VanGrunsven

  • The old and new board wishes to thank the following for their tireless efforts in support of  EAA Chapter 105, as they move on to do other things. 

    • Ron Singh – past President and lots more
    • Michelle Smith – past board member and Youth Activities Coordinator
    • Benton Holzwarth – past newsletter editor (still EAA 105 Secretary)
    • Sandra Bes – past newsletter editor
    • Len Kaufmann – past breakfast coordinator (still on the Board)
    • Kim Vermilya – past Young Eagles program coordinator
    • John Jessen – past board member and web page editor

The amount of time and effort, as well as high quality output from these individuals is nothing short of remarkable, and is a big reason EAA 105 is so strong. We need you to get involved and help so we can continue their good work!

Bob Stark Rewards Breakfast Volunteers

  • Were you aware that last month two people had their names drawn from a hat and got free demo ride opportunities in Bob Stark's SkyCatcher, Carbon Cub or Sport Cub !!!!!

    Congratulations go to:

    7:00 KP Crew: John Flood
    9:00 KP Crew: Glenn Giere

    See! Good things happen to those who stir the grits!

50th Anniversary and Holiday Party

  • Wow, what a blast!  Look for a complete write-up and photo album! 

Poker Run Sponsors

  • We had an absolutely wonderful Poker Run this year, with breakfast provided at Dietz to begin the fun, followed by flying weather that couldn't have been better had we placed an order, then a great time eating pizza, enjoying friends, and everyone trying to grab the best prizes in the white elephant gift giving event. 

    Now, you may think that attending a dinner where grown ups have fun by giving white elephants gifts might not be your cup of 100LL, and you may be right.   Certainly I was dubious at the outset, but I've not seen so many of all ages having such a great time as they tried to hang onto their precious gifts! What made it even more fun than normal was that many of the gifts were truly valuable.  They varied from rejected holiday stocking stuffers (true white elephants) to free AvGas, pull-over jackets, hangar clocks, and so on.  My recommendation is that you participate in the fun next year, if you missed it for 2011.  It was a hoot! 

    Our heartfelt thanks to the generous sponsors listed below:

    • Aurora Aviation – ten (10) gallons 100LL AvGas. 
      Bruce Bennett, President Aurora Aviation – Aurora Airport

    • Aurora Jet Center – two North End pull-over jackets
      Kathy Layton, General Manager Aurora Jet Center

    • Northwest Aircraft – one case AeroShell W100 oil
      Mike Wright, Service Manager Northwest Aircraft

    • Pacific Coast Avionics - $35 Gift Certificate
      Dewey Conroy, Vice President Pacific Coast Avionics

    • Tillamook Air Museum – four museum passes ($36 value)
      Michelle Forster, Tillamook Air Museum

    • Willamette Aviation – one Extreme Polo Shirt
      Dave Waggoner, Willamette Aviation

    • Van's Aircraft - $100 Gift Certificate
      Scott Risan, President and General Manager Van's Aircraft, Inc

TeenFlight RV-12 (N112TF) Flies! 


Note:  Video by our own Ron Singh

On May 5th, 2011, Scott McDaniels, Project Lead and Test Pilot, got in the recently completed TeenFlight RV-12, methodically went over the checklists, then fired her up and took to the skies!  The TeenFlight Airway Sciences program, its inception, and Van's involvement, is explained on the video, so we will not repeat it here.  What we will do is give our EAA 105 congratulations to all those involved in this worthwhile project.  Hopefully more will be forthcoming.  Check out Airway Science for Kids HERE.

B-17 Visit - Another Resounding Success! 


Again our chapter hosted the annual return of EAA's B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" 2011 Salute to Veterans Fly-In. The event started with the flying arrival of Aluminum Overcast at the Hillsboro Airport at noon on Thursday May 19th. This year we invited six veteran pilots to honor with a commemorative ride in the aircraft. I believe the greatest part of this event is being able to meet the men that operated the machines in battle. Each year you will never grow tired of hearing the stories:

  • Emil Sabol, as a B-17 pilot, flew missions over Germany during WWII in the 8th air force.  He was shot down on his 5th mission. After a successful bailout he was taken prisoner, survived Germany's POW camp and released at the end of the war.

  • John Lansing, was a B-17 pilot during WWII and B-24 pilot in Korea. One of ten pilots tested first radio control guided drone bomb aircraft flying missions with Joseph Kennedy of the Kennedy family in B-17 "drone" attacks. John has also piloted the Evergreen Air Space Museum's B-17 in McMinnville Oregon.

  • Clayton Kelly Gross, was a WWII P-51 ace pilot for the 354th fighter group. The group became the highest scoring in WWII for enemy aircraft destroyed. Captain Gross flew 60 or so missions protecting B-17 bombing missions with the P-51 plus other missions in the P-47.  Parprob@aol.com

  • Greg James, trained in the Army Air Corps to fly the P-39, P-40 and P-51 during WWII, but the war ended before he was shipped overseas. He then flew P-51s in the Oregon Air National Guard, which he likened to a gentleman's country club. He was called up when the Korean Conflict arose, and flew 100 combat missions in the P-51 for the Air Force. Greg was also an Air Force flight instructor.
  • Ernie Wakehouse, was trained in the P-40 and P-51 during WWII, but the war ended before he was shipped overseas. He flew P-51s with Greg in the Oregon ANG, and went to Korea with him. Ernie also flew 100 combat missions in Korea. I believe Ernie still flies a Bonanza.
  • Steve Rice, worked at Boeing on the B-17, and then volunteered for combat, flying 35 missions. All but one of his 35 missions were bomb runs on German targets. That one exception was dropping leaflets to the French resistance. One of his bomb runs was aborted when aircraft problems made him unable to keep up with the formation. He was told to drop his bombs in the ocean and return to Bassingbourn. Not wanting to be wasteful, he had his crew defuse the bombs and returned with them to be used on another run.

We plan on having one or more of these courageous men to a chapter meeting to talk to us about their experiences. A video interview was also taken at the event that we will receive to share at a later date.

Friday through Sunday the B-17 flew morning missions with paying customers and then opened up the aircraft for walk through tours in the afternoon. Sixty six seats where sold on the flights, compared to seventy last year. These sales pay for the operation and maintenance of the Flying Fortress, one of only a dozen flyable out of 12,000 built.

Each year a few lucky chapter members get a chance to fly in the B-17 to the next tour stop, Boeing Field in Seattle. This year's winners were drawn by chance from the list of volunteers for the B-17 and the Young Eagle pilots and ground crew.

Those that flew this "Life Experience" flight were; Rich Ebers, Heather Jones, Bob Venturella, Dave Mercer, Kim Cobb, Jon Hopple, James Jula, Eileen VanGrunsven and Stan VanGrunsven. Stan earned his seat by flying the most Young Eagle mission flights at the B-17 event, His wife Eileen was thrilled to join him when her name was drawn!

For more information about the EAA B-17, Aluminum Overcast, visit their official website that you can access HERE.  For a local newspaper story on two Vets go HERE