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Default Inserting pictures in your message

You can insert a picture into your message in two ways...
Method 1 - link to a picture somewhere on the web
Make sure the cursor is in the message where you want the picture to be, then click on the yellow box icon, it says "insert image" when you mouse-over it. Then paste the url of the pic into the dialog presented, click ok, the picture appears in your message.

Method 2 - insert a picture located on your computer
This method inserts your picture as an attachment and requires two steps.
First, click on the paper clip icon, then use the "browse" button to navigate to the picture file you'd like to post. Click "Upload" to upload the pictures, repeat for any additional pics.
Second, you need to click the paper clip icon again and click the pic file name in order to have the photo actually displayed in your message.
If it's your first time you might want to print this message for reference.
Randy Lervold
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Default Showing Avatar Question

How do we get an avatar to show for us?


Update: found it under "User CP" - "Edit Avatar"

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